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Стас Ермолаев

Music Of Islam-Aissaoua Sufi Ceremony, Marrakesh, Morocco CD2 __EXCLUSIVE__ Full Album Zip

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Music of Islam-Aissaoua Sufi Ceremony, Marrakesh, Morocco CD2: A Spiritual Journey Through Sound

If you are looking for a unique and captivating musical experience, you might want to check out the album Music of Islam-Aissaoua Sufi Ceremony, Marrakesh, Morocco CD2. This album is part of a 17-volume series that explores the rich and diverse musical traditions of Islam around the world. The series was produced by David Parsons, a renowned composer and ethnomusicologist who traveled to various countries to record authentic performances of Islamic music.

The album features a live recording of an Aissaoua Sufi ceremony in Marrakesh, Morocco. The Aissaoua are a mystical brotherhood that practice a form of Sufism, which is a mystical branch of Islam that emphasizes the direct and personal experience of God. The Aissaoua use music, dance, and trance as a way of achieving spiritual ecstasy and healing. Their music is characterized by hypnotic rhythms, repetitive chants, and ecstatic vocalizations.

The album consists of two CDs that capture the different stages of the ceremony. The first CD features the hadra, which is the main ritual that involves the whole congregation. The second CD features the lila, which is a more intimate and private session that involves only the initiates and the master. The music on both CDs is mesmerizing and powerful, transporting the listener to a different realm of consciousness.

If you want to download the full album zip file, you can click on the link below. You will also find more information about the album, the series, and the Aissaoua Sufi tradition. Enjoy this amazing musical journey through sound and spirituality.

Download Music of Islam-Aissaoua Sufi Ceremony, Marrakesh, Morocco CD2 Full Album Zip

The Aissaoua Sufi ceremony is not only a musical performance, but also a social and cultural event. The ceremony usually takes place at night, in a large hall or courtyard, where the participants gather around the master and his musicians. The master leads the ceremony with his voice and his ghaita, which is a double-reed oboe-like instrument. The musicians accompany him with drums, flutes, and metal castanets. The music gradually builds up in intensity and volume, creating a hypnotic and ecstatic atmosphere.

The participants join in the music with their voices and their bodies. They sing along with the master, repeating his phrases and praises of God. They also dance and sway, following the rhythm of the music. Some of them enter into a trance state, where they lose awareness of their surroundings and experience visions and sensations. They may also perform feats of endurance, such as piercing their skin with needles, swallowing glass, or walking on fire. These acts are believed to demonstrate their faith and devotion to God, as well as their immunity to pain and harm.

The Aissaoua Sufi ceremony is a fascinating and profound expression of Islamic spirituality and culture. It is also a rare and precious musical treasure that deserves to be preserved and appreciated. By listening to this album, you can witness a glimpse of this ancient and sacred tradition that has been passed down for centuries. ec8f644aee


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