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OMSI 2 - Addon Berlin X10 Hack Working BETTER

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OMSI 2 - Addon Berlin X10 Hack Working BETTER

OMSI 2 - Addon Berlin X10: A Review of the Express Bus Simulation

OMSI 2 - Addon Berlin X10 is a downloadable content (DLC) for the popular bus simulator OMSI 2, developed by Halycon Media and published by Aerosoft. It allows players to experience the modern Berlin from the perspective of a bus driver, driving on the express bus line X10 that connects the city west and Brandenburg[^1^]. The DLC also includes 17 other bus lines, covering a route network of about 60 kilometres and over 120 bus stations[^1^].

The DLC features a detailed and drivable MAN double-decker DL05 bus, which is a characteristic vehicle of the Berlin public transport. The bus has many original sounds and different repaints to choose from[^1^]. The DLC also adds a new C2 Solo E6 bus, which is a modern and low-floor single-decker bus[^2^]. Both buses are equipped with a new AFR4 ticket printer that simulates the ticketing system of Berlin[^2^].

The DLC recreates the Berlin scenery with high accuracy and realism, using over 100 new 3D objects, AI trains and new AI vehicles. The streets are diverse and lively, with 85 traffic lights, various landmarks, shopping streets, residential areas and forests. The routing offers a lot of variety and challenge, as players have to cope with the busy traffic, tight schedules and different weather conditions[^1^]. The DLC also updates the route network to reflect the status of 2019, adding some new buildings and routes that have changed since 2013[^2^].

The DLC also provides a professional and immersive sound environment, with realistic engine noises, ambient sounds and station announcements. The announcements are recorded by real-life announcers who work for the Berlin transport services[^1^]. The DLC also supports English and German languages, with subtitles and interface options[^1^] [^2^].

OMSI 2 - Addon Berlin X10 is a must-have for all OMSI 2 fans who want to explore the fascinating city of Berlin in a realistic and enjoyable way. It offers a lot of content, variety and challenge for a reasonable price. It is available on Steam for $24.99[^1^] or on Just Trains for Â19.99[^3^].The DLC also offers a lot of gameplay options and features for OMSI 2 fans. Players can choose from different difficulty levels, weather conditions, time of day and seasons. They can also customize their bus settings, such as the steering wheel, mirrors, lights, doors and ticket machines. They can also interact with the passengers, who have different personalities, moods and requests. Some passengers may complain about the traffic, the fare or the driver's driving style, while others may thank the driver or ask for directions[^3^].

The DLC also has a realistic and dynamic traffic system, which reacts to the player's actions and the traffic lights. The traffic lights are synchronized with the bus priority system, which means that the bus can trigger a green phase when approaching a junction[^1^]. The traffic also varies depending on the time of day and the day of the week, creating different challenges and scenarios for the player. For example, on weekdays there may be more commuters and school buses, while on weekends there may be more tourists and shoppers[^3^].

The DLC also has a high replay value, as players can explore different routes and lines with different buses. The DLC includes 18 drivable bus lines, including the complete lines X10, 115, 625 and 626[^1^]. Each line has its own characteristics, destinations and attractions. For example, the line X10 is the longest and most diverse line, passing through many landmarks such as Bahnhof Zoo, KurfÃrstendamm, Grunewald forest and Teltow[^1^]. The line 115 is a short but scenic line that connects the city centre with the Wannsee lake[^3^]. The lines 625 and 626 are suburban lines that serve the residential areas of Zehlendorf and Teltow[^1^]. 248dff8e21


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