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Data Volley 2007 Professional: A Powerful Tool for Volleyball Analysis

Data Volley 2007 Professional: A Powerful Tool for Volleyball Analysis

Data Volley 2007 Professional is a software that allows you to scout, analyze and share volleyball data in a simple and effective way. It is designed by Data Project S.r.l., a company that specializes in developing software solutions for sports management and statistics.

Data Volley 2007 Professional enables you to collect and organize data from live or recorded matches, using a user-friendly interface and a comprehensive set of features. You can create reports, charts, graphs and animations to visualize and compare the performance of players, teams and actions. You can also synchronize the data with video files, using the integrated Data Video module, to review and edit the match footage.

Data Volley 2007 Professional is compatible with Windows operating system and requires a USB dongle for license activation. It supports multiple languages and formats, and allows you to export and import data to other software or devices. You can also share your data online with other users, using the Data Project Cloud service.

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Data Volley 2007 Professional is a powerful tool for volleyball analysis that can help you improve your coaching skills, enhance your team's performance and gain a competitive edge over your opponents.Data Volley 2007 Professional is based on the Data Volley system, which was developed in 1998 and has been used by many professional and national teams around the world. Data Volley 2007 Professional is the latest version of the software, which has been updated and improved to meet the needs of modern volleyball.

Data Volley 2007 Professional allows you to scout any kind of volleyball match, from indoor to beach, from youth to senior, from amateur to elite. You can customize the software according to your preferences and needs, choosing the level of detail, the type of data, the layout of the screen and the keyboard shortcuts. You can also create your own codes and formulas to define and calculate specific indicators and parameters.

Data Volley 2007 Professional is not only a scouting software, but also a powerful analysis tool. You can use it to study the strengths and weaknesses of your own team and your opponents, to identify trends and patterns, to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of different actions and strategies, to simulate scenarios and outcomes, and to plan your training sessions and game plans.Data Volley 2007 Professional is also a versatile and flexible software that can adapt to different situations and contexts. You can use it online or offline, with or without video, with or without internet connection, with or without a printer. You can also use it for different purposes and audiences, such as coaching, scouting, teaching, learning, broadcasting, reporting, researching and more.

Data Volley 2007 Professional is a software that has been designed by volleyball experts for volleyball enthusiasts. It is a software that combines the accuracy of data with the beauty of graphics, the simplicity of use with the complexity of analysis, the reliability of technology with the passion of sport. It is a software that can help you take your volleyball to the next level. 29c81ba772


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