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Hell Rell Hard As Hell Zip

This mod focuses on the forgotten battle of Budapest 1944-45.One of the longest & bloodiest sieges of WW2. I've been workring on the mod since 2011,learning the background story,visiting the actual places,studying the true,untold story of the siege.One of my goals is to bring a whole new gaming experience to the game with:ultra-realistic detailed maps by visiting the actual battlegrounds,trying to Re-create the 40's Budapest...Realistic missions,based on true events,Hungary,as a huge new faction with realistic units,names and voices,Realistic Romanian faction added,Germans split to 5 classes,feldherrnhalle division,florian geyer division,22nd SS Volunteer Cavalry Division Maria Theresia,The Luftwaffe and Mixed German class...A new creative way of making maps..The main goal is to told the sad and long-fogotten story of these brave soldiers who fought and died for their country,even though they knew that they were outnumbered,encircled and cut from any supplies in a bloody 3 months hell.

Hell Rell Hard As Hell Zip




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