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Scar Tissue Ebook Mobi Download [VERIFIED]

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The Kindle version of "Healers on the Edge" is currently available FREE on "Healers on the Edge is the first anthology to introduce and explain somatic sex education, a trauma- informed touch modality that uses the innate wisdom of the body to help heal physical, emotional, and psychological wounds and expand pleasure. Coming together from a variety of backgrounds, the authors present an array of examples and applications: from scar tissue remediation to gender identity explorations, from sexual problems and dysfunctions to the treatment of chronic trauma and neglect."

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) is a term used for a group of rare connective tissue disorders characterized by abnormalities in collagen. The typical signs of EDS include hypermobile joints and skin that can stretch beyond the usual. This condition may often lead to life-threatening impediments in severe cases.

The guards fell back, surprising him. He could not conceive of a reason why he should be allowed to proceed unescorted. Yet when he turned to look at them questioningly, the one who had led the detail, a short, dark-skinned muscular woman with scar tissue obscuring her left cheek and neck, pointed unmistakably down the corridor. He was to proceed alone. Pillai shrugged, amused at yet another ludicrously amateurish security lapse, and walked on.

Uterine myomas, ovarian processes, retroperitoneal vascular abnormalities (vascular entrapment), retroperitoneal fibrosis, and neurogenic tumors are frequent pelvic conditions that may induce pelvic neuropathies. However, the most common causes of sacral radiculopathy are surgical damage, deeply infiltrating endometriosis of the pelvic side wall, and nerve compression/entrapment by pelvic varicose veins [7]. Surgical nerve injuries occur due to coagulation, suturing, ischemia or cutting and induce disorders of sensation, pain, and dysfunction starting immediately after the procedure or within a few days. In contrast, nerve lesions caused by fibrotic tissue or vascular compression/entrapment usually require several months or years to develop. When diagnosing surgically induced sacral radiculopathies, correlation of clinical information with the surgical steps of the procedure permits precise anatomical localization of the neural lesion. This is necessary to adapt the treatment strategy accordingly. Perineal procedures may induce pathologies of the pudendal nerve and abdominal/laparoscopic procedures may affect the sacral nerve roots, while vaginal surgeries can induce both [5]. In a series of 92 consecutive patients with pelvic nerve damage secondary to surgery for pelvic organ prolapse (confirmed by laparoscopic exploration), the most frequent types of nerve damage were injuries to the right S2 nerve root incurred during laparoscopic rectopexy and laparoscopic colpopromontofixation, and injuries to the left S2 nerve root after vaginal uterosacral ligament suspension (McCall procedure). Vaginal mesh implantation for pelvic organ prolapse exposes patients to a risk of secondary nerve entrapment due to scar tissue development, especially when it involves new devices and techniques for blind needle-driving and minimal dissection. The reason is that, when any bleeding occurs, hematomas cannot drain and tend to dissect in retroperitoneal spaces, even in supralevator compartments, resulting in the formation of retroperitoneal fibrotic tissue. 1e1e36bf2d


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