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Die Hard 6 Torrent

John McClane (Bruce Willis) has fallen on hard times. A bomber (Jeremy Irons) demands that McClane play a game and the NYPD recalls him back to work. In one game, he's helped by a good Samaritan Zeus (Samuel L. Jackson). The two go off on a high intensity scavenger hunt.The fact that he's called in by name means that this one veers off from the formula from the start. The first two had him alone in the wrong place at the wrong time surprising the bad guys. This one he's paired up, demanded by the bad guy to play a game running across NY. It feels like a different franchise. Where's the family? They've thrown out the formula.Director John McTiernan returns to do a big action extravaganza. He follows the rule of sequels by making a bigger movie. Jeremy Irons is a great bad guy, but I would prefer Bruce Willis to be a lone wolf. Nevertheless Sam Jackson is always a great choice. If this wasn't a Die Hard movie, it would be just another brainless action thriller.

Die Hard 6 Torrent


This original action classic has been hugely influential over the years - and it's no surprise, as it's one of the best action thrillers ever made. New meaning is brought to the word "action" as here it is exhilarating, furious and nothing less than exciting. The premise is simple: one location, one good guy and twelve bad guys. Cue lots of explosions, fist fights, blood, violence, and plenty of shooting too. The thrills come from the suspense of Willis using his wits as well as his brawn to fight the bad guys and save the hostages.When watching this film what becomes immediately apparent is how fresh it is. This hasn't been filmed with some cheap cameras for a quick buck, it looks professional and couldn't be less polished. The photography is clear and brings out the best of the surroundings, while the music has obviously been carefully chosen to convey the right mood. And, strangely enough for an action film, the acting is actually very good. Unheard of, as remember this was back in the days where Schwarzenegger and Stallone were the top stars of the action genre. Bruce Willis excels as the wisecracking, sardonic cop, and you can't fail to like him. He's consistently witty and provides a powerful presence when needed - it comes as no surprise as he lived off this image for the next six or seven years.The supporting cast aren't half bad, either. The reliable Bonnie Bedelia takes a break from her usual highbrow, "moral dilemma", television movie fare as Willis' tough wife, while Reginald Veljohnson is also great as a sympathetic cop - you just want to hug him. But most memorable of all is Alan Rickman for his excellent turn as the cool, calculating terrorist with a carefully-crafted German accent and a fine line in natty suits. Rickman is THE bad guy of modern cinema, watch any subsequent action film with terrorists and you'll see people trying to be him. He's that good. The rest of the cast of terrorists have all been picked for their imposing looks, and they're not bad either. Keep your eyes peeled for fearsome Bond baddie Robert Davi in a minor role as an FBI man.As well as the tense running around in corridors and stand-offs between Willis and the various creeps, this film really delivers in the action stakes. The guys here really do look like they are trying their hardest to kill each other, and we get people flying down stairs, getting chains wrapped around their necks, getting shot all over the place. Every kill that Willis makes is original and exciting. There are also plenty of ace stunts, like when Willis jumps off an exploding roof with only a fire hose tied around his waist. The gore level is high, graphic in fact, with people being shot apart wherever you look, and it's definitely a film for all cinema fans to enjoy. Consistently entertaining and strong enough to withstand repeated viewings, this is the first and final word on the "one guy versus lots of bad guys" sub-genre of the action flick.

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The FBI agrees to Gruber's demand for a helicopter, intending to send gunship helicopters to eliminate the group. McClane realizes Gruber plans to blow the roof to kill the hostages and fake his team's deaths. Karl, enraged by the death of his brother Tony, attacks McClane and is seemingly killed. Gruber sees a news report by Richard Thornburg on McClane's children and deduces that he is Holly's husband. The hostages are taken to the roof while Gruber keeps Holly with him. McClane drives the hostages from the roof just before Gruber detonates it and destroys the approaching FBI helicopters. Meanwhile, Theo retrieves an escape vehicle from the parking garage but is knocked out by Argyle, who has been following events on his car radio.

As Die Hard was based on the novel sequel to The Detective film, the studio was contractually obligated to offer Frank Sinatra the role. Sinatra, who was 70 at the time, declined.[12][13][17] The role was offered to various major stars including Sylvester Stallone, Richard Gere, Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford,[16][20] Burt Reynolds,[21] Nick Nolte, Mel Gibson, Don Johnson, Richard Dean Anderson,[12] Paul Newman,[22] James Caan,[23] and Al Pacino.[24] The prevailing action archetype of the era was a muscle-bound, invincible macho man like Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was offered the role, but he wanted to branch out into comedy and turned it down to star in Twins (1988).[12] Willis was known mainly for his comedic role in the romantic comedy television series Moonlighting, starring opposite Cybill Shepherd. He declined the role because of his contractual obligations to Moonlighting, but when Shepherd became pregnant, the show's production was stopped for eleven weeks, giving Willis enough time to take the role.[12]

Before hiring composer Michael Kamen, McTiernan knew he wanted to include Beethoven's 9th Symphony (commonly known as "Ode to Joy"), having heard it in Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange (1971).[50] Kamen objected to "tarnishing" the piece in an action film and offered to misuse German composer Richard Wagner's music instead.[50][51] Once McTiernan explained how the 9th Symphony had been used in A Clockwork Orange to highlight the ultra-violence, Kamen had a better understanding of McTiernan's intentions.[50] In exchange, Kamen insisted that they also license the use of "Singin' in the Rain" (1952) (also used in A Clockwork Orange) and "Winter Wonderland" (1934).[51] He mixed the melodies of "Ode to Joy", "Winter Wonderland", and "Singin' in the Rain" into his score, mainly to underscore the villains.[49][52][51] The samples of "Ode to Joy" are played in slightly lower keys to sound more menacing; the references build to a performance of the symphony when Gruber finally accesses the Nakatomi vault.[51][53] The score also references "Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!".[54][55][52]

Capturing the stunt was difficult because it was impossible for a human operator to refocus the camera fast enough to prevent the image from blurring as Rickman fell away.[58] Supervised by visual effects producer Richard Edlund, Boss Film Studios engineered an automated system using a computer that rapidly refocused the camera via a motor on its focus ring.[62] A wide-angle lens camera shooting at 270 frames per second was used, creating footage that played 10 times slower than normal. Despite these innovations, the camera struggled to keep Rickman entirely in focus during his 1.5-second fall; the scene cuts away from Rickman as the usable footage runs out. To complete Gruber's fatal descent, Bates was lowered 318 feet (97 m) from Fox Plaza in a harness that slowed his fall as he neared the ground.[58][62][63] Some of the Fox Plaza residents, frustrated by the debris and destruction around the building, refused to turn off their office lights for exterior shots of the Plaza.[63] 350c69d7ab


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