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18eighteen Xtra 3

Only the freshest and cutest little flatties are good enough for the page of 18eighteen magazine. Now you can savor these same sweet little babes in the raunchiest of hardcore XXX action. You'll watch their pretty young faces blur with ecstasy as their sweet twats are eaten out; see them contort with awe as their tight holes are packed to the max by giant, porn-sized dick. And then watch them relish in taking huge sticky loads to their adorable little faces. You get six girls in two solid hours of ball-draining XXX entertainment. We guarantee you'll jack until your balls are dust.

18eighteen xtra 3

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Six barely legal teen cuties suck and fuck with a hunger and enthusiasm that will blow you away in "18eighteen Xtra!" Asian hottie Kylie wants to show her couch potato boyfriend some new cheers, but all he wants is to fuck and get sucked. Smart guy! Bad student Mya moves to the head of the class when she gets spanked and slam-banged by her big-dicked bespectacled teacher. Awesome-looking Anika's male tutor teaches her a lesson in grownup sex she'll never forget. Luscious Lacey needs a back-to-school physical, but what she gets instead is a thermometer up her butthole and the doc's big cock up her shaved snatch. Super-cute jockette Missy makes the team by sucking cock and getting fucked by her horny coach. Cutie-pie Crystal needs her bad-boy boyfriend's big dick bad...and she gets it big time! 150 minutes of pud-pounding XXX hardcore teen action!Meanwhile, Deja's just another pretty face to squirt cum on, and holy moly! Rachel's doing an anal DP and two facials!

Direct from the pages of 18eighteen magazine, these six barely legal teenage cuties give grownup sex a try - and they love it! When her parents are away, naughty Nikki and her boyfriend play. Tiffany's guy cocks her in all three of her holes. Chance sucks as a student, but earns an A when her teacher pops her cherry. Hawaiian hottie Nautica gives up her virginity to her high school sweetheart. Lisa loses hers to a much older guy. And Sage gets slammed by a bad-ass biker man! 041b061a72


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