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In certain tests of split brain patients, researchers use a tachistoscope, a device that allows them to show pictures and words to only one hemisphere at a time. During one now classic example, test operators showed a picture of a nude to only the RH of a female subject, completely unseen by her LH. She (RH) began to chuckle and blush with embarrassment.

Remember, the RH in a split brain patient cannot speak and cannot contribute any emotional content, or anything at all, to LH experience. So, her speaking LH had no clue whatsoever of the nude picture seen by the RH.

After graduating, she signed one of the last of the old-style studio contracts with Otto Preminger and appeared in his movie Rosebud, where he harangued everyone, pressurised Cattrall to do her first nude scene and urged her to starve herself. 'It was horrendous,' she says, 'and I went back to theatre for three years.' 041b061a72


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