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Dead Island Riptide Crash Fix Crack

Dead Island is a Wide-Open Sandbox first-person survival horror game by Techland, makers of the Call of Juarez series, with action RPG elements (such as skill trees, random weapon drops, and heavy emphasis on 4-player co-op gameplay) very reminescent of Diablo or Borderlands. It is set at the Royal Palms Resort on Banoi, a (fictional) tropical island off the coast of Papua New Guinea. For reasons unknown (a mutated strain of Kuru is hinted), the dead have risen from the grave to consume the living, and the surviving tourists, staff and locals are fighting for survival. Melee combat is the name of the game; since you can't really expect to find that many guns in a luxurious beach resort, you have to make do with the assortment of close-range weapons that you have around you. This is reflected in the game's physics system, which places emphasis on detailed gore, including limbs that may be broken or chopped off and heavy damage that may gib.

dead island riptide crash fix crack


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