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Monster Hunter Illustrations Art Book Set 16

Ten Creepy Monsters by Carey F. Armstrong-EllisCount down from 10 creepy monsters to 0 in this creepy rhyming book with ghoulish illustrations. Clever and entertaining with scary-ish Halloween illustrations.

monster hunter illustrations art book set 16

Tickle Monster by Josie Bissett, illustrated by Kevan AtteberryThis picture book and tickle mitts arrive in a beautiful box. A monster arrives from Planet Tickle to bring joy and happiness to Earth. How? By tickling kids readers of this book! Cute, huh?

Spike the Mixed-up Monster by Susan Hood, illustrated by Melissa SweetKids will adore the surprises in this book about a monster (an axolotl) named Spike who is no bigger than a lily pad. But, when a very scary Gila monster, el monstruo, arrives, all the other pond animals run away. But not Spike. See what happens when Spike meets el monstruo.

I Will Fight Monsters for You by Santi Balmes, illustrates by LyonaThis is a parallel story picture book of a young girl and a young monster who are both frightened about sleeping because of fears about each other. Can the little girl and monster come together and see each other as something not scary?

I have been looking for a kids monster book about a family that are scared of monsters and the little girl has a monster doll but it ends up the family are the monsters and the doll is the little girl. Then a human family move in next door and the little girl has a monster doll. But I cannot find this book anywhere or remember what it was called. Please can you help.

Another easy chapter book fantasy series, but with more of a dark edge to it that requires destroying a fearsome beast. These three books feature dragons, but there are monsters of every kind in the series. [easy chapter book, ages 7 and up]


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