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Download That Thing Called Love by Tuhin Sinha PDF for Free: A Book that Will Keep You Hooked Till the End

That Thing Called Love by Tuhin Sinha: A Book Review

If you are looking for a book that explores the complexities of love, politics and self-discovery in modern India, you might want to check out That Thing Called Love by Tuhin Sinha. This book, published in 2007, is a romantic thriller that follows the lives of three young professionals who are caught in a web of passion, betrayal and ambition. The author, Tuhin Sinha, is an Indian writer who has also written several other political thrillers, romance novels and non-fiction works. He is also a spokesperson for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), India's ruling party.

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The Plot: A Journey of Love, Politics and Self-Discovery

The story revolves around three main characters who are connected by love, friendship and work. They are:

Mayank: A Confused Lover

Mayank is a 25-year-old journalist who works for a leading newspaper in Mumbai. He is smart, ambitious and handsome, but also restless and dissatisfied with his life. He agrees to marry Anjali, a girl chosen by his parents, but soon realizes that he does not love her. He falls in love with Niharika, a married woman who is his boss's wife. He starts an affair with her, but also feels guilty about betraying Anjali.

Niharika: A Married Woman with a Secret

Niharika is a 32-year-old editor who works for the same newspaper as Mayank. She is beautiful, successful and confident, but also unhappy and lonely. She is married to Ravi, a powerful politician who is abusive and unfaithful to her. She finds solace in Mayank, who makes her feel alive and loved. She wants to leave Ravi, but also fears the consequences.

Anjali: A Devoted Wife with a Dream

Anjali is a 23-year-old housewife who lives with Mayank in Mumbai. She is sweet, innocent and loyal, but also naive and timid. She loves Mayank unconditionally, but also senses that he does not love her back. She has a dream of becoming a writer, but also lacks the confidence and support to pursue it.

The Themes: A Reflection of Contemporary India

The book explores various themes that are relevant to the contemporary Indian society, such as:

Love vs Duty

The book portrays the dilemma of choosing between personal happiness and social obligations. Mayank, Niharika and Anjali are all torn between their love for each other and their duty to their families and society. They have to face the pressure of conforming to the norms and expectations of their culture, religion and class. They have to deal with the consequences of breaking the rules and hurting the people they care about.

Politics vs Ethics

The book depicts the challenge of balancing between power and morality in a corrupt system. Ravi, Niharika's husband, is a prominent politician who is involved in various scams and scandals. He uses his influence and money to manipulate and exploit people. He does not care about the welfare of the public or the country. He only cares about his own interests and ambitions. He is contrasted with Mayank, who is an idealistic journalist who exposes the truth and fights for justice. He does not compromise his ethics or values for fame or fortune. He only cares about his principles and passion.

Self vs Society

The book illustrates the struggle of finding one's identity and voice in a conformist culture. Mayank, Niharika and Anjali are all searching for their true selves and their true happiness. They are all trying to break free from the stereotypes and limitations imposed by their society. They are all trying to express their individuality and creativity. They are all trying to follow their dreams and aspirations.

The Style: A Blend of Romance and Thriller

The book uses a blend of romance and thriller to create an engaging narrative that keeps the reader interested and entertained. The author uses various techniques such as:


The author uses cliffhangers, twists and turns to keep the reader hooked. He creates a sense of mystery and intrigue by revealing information gradually and unpredictably. He builds up tension and anticipation by creating conflicts and complications for the characters. He surprises the reader by changing the direction and outcome of the story.


The author uses irony, sarcasm and wit to lighten the mood and add flavor. He makes fun of the absurdities and contradictions of the society and the characters. He injects humor into serious situations and conversations. He makes the reader laugh by using clever wordplay and references.


The author uses realistic, expressive and catchy conversations to reveal the characters' personalities and emotions. He makes the dialogue sound natural and spontaneous by using colloquial language and slang. He makes the dialogue sound lively and dynamic by using rhetorical questions, exclamations and interjections. He makes the dialogue sound distinctive and memorable by using catchphrases, idioms and metaphors.

The Conclusion: A Bittersweet Ending

The book ends with a bittersweet ending that leaves the reader with mixed feelings. The outcome of the characters' choices is as follows:

- Mayank decides to leave Niharika and stay with Anjali, but he is not happy or satisfied with his decision. He realizes that he has lost his true love and his true self. - Niharika decides to leave Ravi and start a new life with Mayank, but she is too late. She realizes that she has lost her chance of happiness and freedom. - Anjali decides to leave Mayank and pursue her dream of becoming a writer, but she is not sure if she can succeed or survive on her own. She realizes that she has lost her husband and her security. The message of the book is that life is not always fair or easy, but one has to make choices and live with them. The book also suggests that love is not always enough or simple, but one has to fight for it or let it go.


Here are some common questions and answers about the book:

- Q: Is That Thing Called Love based on a true story? - A: No, it is not based on a true story, but it is inspired by some real-life incidents and experiences of the author. - Q: Is That Thing Called Love a sequel or a standalone book? - A: It is a standalone book, but it has a sequel called The Edge of Desire, which continues the story of Mayank as a politician. - Q: Is That Thing Called Love available in other languages? - A: Yes, it is available in Hindi as Pyaar Ka Dard Hai. - Q I have already written the article as per your request. Here is the rest of the article: - Q: Is That Thing Called Love a good book to read? - A: That depends on your taste and preference. If you like romantic thrillers that explore the complexities of love, politics and self-discovery in modern India, you might enjoy this book. If you prefer more realistic, subtle and nuanced stories that avoid clichés and melodrama, you might find this book disappointing. - Q: Where can I buy or download That Thing Called Love? - A: You can buy or download That Thing Called Love from various online platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Google Play Books, etc. You can also find it in some bookstores and libraries. 71b2f0854b


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