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Andy James Modern Metal Series 1 Download Hit

This is the perfect course to help you achieve your guitar playing goals! Each week has been designed so that the techniques, concepts and licks can be practised at home and the final product you receive when you take up lessons will be faithful to the lessons - even if you practice at a different pace. Each lesson contains exercises to improve your playing skills and make you more comfortable with the concepts of rock soloing. Each concept has been based on my own experience in rock music and designed to work with your style of playing. You will learn to play in the style of a featured solo artist - Zakk Wylde for example. Andy James is a well respected guitarist and teacher who works with students of all styles and ages from across the globe. His blistering technique has been applauded by guitar legends such as Vinnie Moore, and featured on Sky TVs Musicians Channel.

Andy James Modern Metal Series 1 Download Hit

When your hands move as fast as Andy James's, speed and stability become absolutely critical. ESP used every trick in the book to make the LTD AJ-1 exactly the kind of solidbody electric guitar a technical player demands. From its locking TOM bridge to its locking tuners, you can count on your LTD AJ-1 to stay tuned and responsive. Neck-through/string-through construction also gives you a ton of added sustain. And when you feel the balance of the LTD AJ-1's thin U-shaped neck contour, you'll know you picked a real winner.

Andy James is coming up with a limited edition Guitar pedal for 2019 called the Revenant. I have been wanting to use one of these pedals for a long time and its amazing. The Vinnie Z4, is a perfect example for an over drive pedal, one that has so many options and effects that you will never know where to look first. They always hit that perfect spot, the Revenant will do the same but thats not all, it comes with built in effects in the Revenant, so its a very versatile pedal. I have had so many presets to choose from and I will be using it with my VOACs, and in my studio as I always do. It has been a labour of love to make this pedal, its the pedal that I've been dreaming of making for a long time and I am really excited to bring it to the world! Go for it STL, I really love this pedal!


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