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Hizbul Azam Urdu Pdf Download

Hizbul Azam: A Collection of Prayers from the Quran and Hadith

Hizbul Azam (The Supreme Invocation) is a book of prayers compiled by Mulla Ali Qari, a renowned scholar and jurist of the 16th century. The book contains prayers that are derived from the verses of the Quran and the authentic traditions of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The book is divided into seven parts, one for each day of the week, to facilitate regular recitation by the believers. The book is widely popular among Muslims, especially in the Indian subcontinent, where it is considered a source of spiritual guidance and protection.

hizbul azam urdu pdf download

The book is available in various languages, including Arabic, English, Urdu, and Persian. The Urdu translation of the book was done by Sayed Aqeel Mohammed, who also added some explanatory notes and references. The Urdu version of the book is divided into 30 parts, instead of seven, to make it easier for the readers to complete the recitation in one month. The Urdu version also contains some additional prayers that are not found in the original Arabic text.

The book can be downloaded for free from various online sources, such as [Internet Archive], [Khan Books], and []. These websites provide PDF files that can be viewed on any device that supports PDF format. The PDF files also have bookmarks and indexes for easy navigation. The book can also be printed or copied for personal use.

Hizbul Azam is a treasure of supplications that can enrich one's faith and devotion. The prayers cover various aspects of life, such as gratitude, repentance, guidance, protection, forgiveness, health, wealth, family, and more. The prayers are based on the words of Allah and His Messenger (peace be upon him), which are the best sources of invocation. The prayers also help one to remember Allah and His blessings at all times and in all situations. The book is a must-have for every Muslim who wants to improve his or her relationship with Allah and seek His mercy and favor.


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