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Death Parade

This is just scratching the surface of what makes Death Parade such a phenomenal show, though. Its short 12 episodes are the perfect length to create this mystical, enigmatic afterlife in which the show takes place. The incredibly misleading opening song provides the whimsical feel of the afterlife while the episodes themselves hit us with the profound questions regarding human morality and death. Each episode looks at the backstory of different humans who have died and landed in Quindecim, a fantastical place in the afterlife managed by arbiters who exist to judge whether the souls of humans are sent to the void or will be reincarnated.

Death Parade


Death Parade explores a wide variety of topics such as suicide, love, regret, unpreparedness for death, the afterlife, what it means to be human, and what it is to have humanity. It is left to us to discover what value we will place on our lives; will we spend our waking moments regretting a single decision, hating a single person for one mistake, live life never trying to understand one another, or will we overcome?

I am so glad you did this article! i really enjoyed death parade and surprised how crazy it had gotten over the episodes. It really shows the emotions of reality and how important how life must be lived. Seeing more of the characters when gaining their memories and the actions they used toward the gain made you think really hard if their judgement was the right one.

The ending does bring to my mind the ending of Shinsekai Yori, where the protagonists admitted that their society was badly flawed but could not do anything to change it. Unlike SSY Death Parade has a lot more possibility of change but still very difficult and daunting, people definitely need to be sent to the void since they hinted at some calamity occurring with so many deaths.

I'm pretty impressed by your analysis about the memory & dummy stuff. That it's symbolism to reflect what mark we leave in the world during our life, and that this whole afterdeath might be just a parable about how we should consider our judgments on others and our action in life. Rather spot-on after reading it. 041b061a72


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